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Why you need Pest Control?

Every business, home or facility is bound to have a pest problem throughout the year; even if your place is spotless, the ecosystem and temperature factors see to it that pests invade your space. If left unchecked these pests decrease the quality of the environment by creating an uncomfortable space as well as in some cases causing structural damages resulting in financial loss and more importantly, they pose a serious health risk as most of them are disease carrying vectors. The fact that pest populations experience a steady growth increases the pest problems and issues exponentially. For example Cockroaches breed monthly whilst rats can breed in some cases up to twice per month and both of these pests are linked to serious health illnesses like Salmonella, Typhoid, Polio, Weils disease, rat bite fever and plague.

Pest control does exactly what the names suggests, if applied correctly and with the use of proper Eco-friendly pesticides, all pests can be controlled safely and effectively and in some cases eradicated completely especially if an Integrated Pest Management program is introduced and applied.


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