Profume Fumigation


The new standard in Flexible and Precise Fumigation

Effective & reliable pest control of a wide range of stored product & wood destroying pests

ProFume gas fumigant is a cylinderized gas fumigant labeled to control all life stages of insects and rodents in structures used to store, process and transport most raw and processed commodities.

ProFume fumigant (sulfuryl fluoride) is a broad-spectrum fumigant developed in collaboration with leading researchers in control of insect pests of wood, household items, and stored-products, and pest control professionals worldwide. Fumigation is usually the preferred method of eradication of cryptic pests because ProFume, with its excellent penetration properties, can control pests anywhere they occur within the structures, household items, and commodities. ProFume, because of its unique mode of action, can also be used as a viable rotation tool to manage and help prevent resistance issues with other fumigants and insecticides. Food tolerances have been established for ProFume which enable its use on a wide variety of commodities for global trade and in mills, food processing facilities, warehouses, storage containers, chambers and transportation vehicles.

While efficacy is essential for a fumigant, a truly sustainable fumigant also must be flexible to meet the needs of fumigators, their customers and regulatory agencies plus environmental considerations.

A broad-spectrum fumigant effective on all life stages of insects, other arthropods and rodent pests

Flexible for use in long- or short-exposure fumigations

Non-flammable, odourless, colourless gas that rapidly vaporizes and distributes quickly

Not an ozone depleter and does not interact or cause local ozone formation

Non-corrosive gas for use in sensitive areas having equipment and electronic devices; very low reactivity as a gas and does not react with materials to form unpleasant odours or flavours

Able to rapidly penetrate porous materials, rapidly aerate from materials and commodities, and has low sorption on fumigated materials

An inorganic gas that does not leave surface residues on inert surfaces such as stainless steel, glass and ceramic, after fumigation

A new mode of action which can be utilized for resistance management strategies

More Than 55 Years of Success

The Formula

The active ingredient in ProFume® fumigant is sulfuryl fluoride, which disrupts glycolysis and the citric acid cycle to deprive pests of the necessary cellular energy needed to survive. Due to its unique mode-of-action, sulfuryl fluoride has no cross-resistance with other insecticides or other fumigants. Instead, sulfuryl fluoride is effective against insects that may be resistant to insecticides or phosphide fumigant. Used in rotation, ProFume helps counter the development of resistant insect populations.

Reduce Downtime

A fumigation with ProFume can reduce downtime during the preparation stage because the active ingredient is noncorrosive, so sensitive equipment does not need to be removed or sealed. Fumigation exposure time is typically 12 to 36 hours, but duration can be shorter or longer depending upon the site and business goals.


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