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Star Pest Control is one of the leading professional pest control companies in Durban.

We have over 10 years of experience in the industry providing customers with friendly and reliable service. We only use the best products available on the market which allows us to provide the client with superior results.

We can fix it! Your Pest Control Problems

Star Pest Control provides total pest management / hygiene solutions through a team of highly skilled operators and dedicated technical officers who constantly strive to be customer focused and quality driven.

Control & Eradication

Star Pest Control offer the control and eradication of Termites, wood borer and wood destroying organisms, Wood preservation, Inspections…

Disinfecting & Fogging

Our sanitisation and disinfection solution leaves all surfaces residue and virus free immediately, allowing you to continue your operations with minimum disruption…

Profume Fumigation

ProFume fumigant is a broad-spectrum fumigant developed in collaboration with leading researchers in control of insect pests of wood, household items, and…

Star Pest Control’s commitment of being a number one service provider has its roots in customer satisfaction backed by technical competence, strong ethics and value added services.

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Pest Management

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Whatever your problem is, we work with our customers to eliminate and maintain a pest free environment, bed bug treatment, rats and mice, fleas, cockroach, wasps/bees, moles.

Why you need pest control

Every business, home or facility is bound to have a pest problem throughout the year; even if your place is spotless…

The worst household pests

Termites are the worst household pest that anyone could ever come upon. Termites would tear down the very property that you spent years to build

Pests impact on warehouses

Many pests can cause damage to your warehouse’s stored products, structures and equipment…

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Profume Fumigation, The new standard in flexible and precise gas fumigation.

Colourless odourless highly penetrating toxic gas

Non-corrosive gas for use in sensitive areas having equipment and electronic devices; very low reactivity as a gas and does not react with materials to form unpleasant odours or flavours…

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We take pride in providing our customers with perfect service and aftercare – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients, we approach every job with our trademark quick response and attention to detail.


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